Hochzeit Fingerabdruck Baum N7
Hochzeit Fingerabdruck Baum N7
Hochzeit Fingerabdruck Baum N7

Hochzeit Fingerabdruck Baum N7

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Ihr Daumenabdruck auf einem Baum wird für die kommenden Jahre eine süße Erinnerung an Ihren Hochzeitstag sein. Gäste haben die Möglichkeit, das Gästebuch zu unterschreiben, indem sie ihren Fingerabdruck auf der Seite hinzufügen.

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• Elisabeth & Daniel
• 21. Juli 2019
• Minze
T e xtfarbe (Basis-Schwarz / oder beliebige Farbe)
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Using the Fingerprint Guest Book is simple and interactive. Provide an ink pad with a variety of colors to match your event's theme. Guests press their fingertip onto the ink pad and then onto the designated space in the guest book. Encourage creativity by offering multiple colors and allowing guests to personalize their fingerprint with a small message or doodle.

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The Fingerprint Guest Book transforms into a beautiful, personalized keepsake that captures the essence of your special day. Watch as the blank pages evolve into a mosaic of colorful fingerprints, each telling a unique story. This interactive element engages guests and creates a sense of unity as they contribute to a collective piece of art.

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Move beyond conventional signatures and embrace a more intimate way of commemorating your event. The Fingerprint Guest Book is not just a book; it's a living memory, an interactive experience that immortalizes the presence of your loved ones. Every time you flip through its pages, you'll be transported back to the joyous occasion, reliving the warmth and well wishes of those who celebrated with you.

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